The Notebook

John opened the notebook and followed the instructions on how to make a cup of tea and two pieces of toast for breakfast. He moved around the kitchen with the perplexity of Frankenstein’s abandoned creature, assimilating the newness of his surroundings with a child-like curiosity and wonderment but grounded by instructions in the here and now. Sitting down at the breakfast table he picked up the notebook and turned to a picture of a man and a woman with the caption: John and Pamela, your loving wife, holidaying at Avoca Beach, 2008. Flipping through it he read snippets of experiences and recollections in a formal copperplate script. He read a library of memories that were somehow his, yet it felt like living in a fiction of someone else’s imagination.


2 responses to “The Notebook

  1. Nicely done flash fiction

  2. Thank you

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