The Date – Choose Your Own Adventure

I told my wife I was going out with the boys for a beer at the local and she said that was ok because she was meeting her best friend for coffee a little later. I risked investigative questions by putting on my leather jacket, but the wife seemed to take no notice. It was getting difficult to keep this online dalliance a secret, but we had never actually met in person, just emails and texts. The little Italian restaurant we had agreed to meet at was out of the local area so we wouldn’t be recognised. She entered the restaurant carrying a red rose; the corny way we had arranged to identify each other.

Ending A
My wife looked spectacular as glided across to the table, her eyes alight.

Ending B
Infidelity roared with laughter as soon as my wife and I caught each other’s eyes.

You can get creative and add your own final sentence to complete the story.


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