The Fortress of Solitude

Just like every superhero has their fortress of solitude, I have my own refuge and sanctuary.  I pick up my book and return to where I left off, skimming the earlier paragraphs to reacquaint myself with the plot and characters or flick through the paper or the latest edition of my music magazine.

My mates have a great name for this place: Manland.  We joke about it in our own code, with knowing winks and nods as our wives shake their heads in mock agitation and derision.

While this is a place for contemplation and solitude, a respite from the roles of husband, father, automatic cash machine and operator of the dishwasher, it is not without its visitors.

“Come on Dad, you’ve been in there for ages; I need to use the bathroom.”


One response to “The Fortress of Solitude

  1. How clever, the bathroom. Calgon, take me away!

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