If Your Son Asks For Bread

Apologetically he left the bread, milk and cereal on the counter while the shop assistant turned her head to avoid heaping further shame when the credit card was declined.  Walking back to the car he calculated when his next pay would hit the account, knowing that it would only just about cover the bills for that month and leave little more than loose change for a sparrow’s meal.  Glancing at his watch he figured the children would be just about to wake up while his wife waited for the breakfast essentials.  He sat wringing the wheel, hoping for a genie to emerge.  Scratching around in the glove compartment he found a pen and a crumpled serviette and wrote, “Do not raise the alarm as I am carrying a knife so give me all your cash.”  Pulling out of the car park he headed for home while the serviette, stuffed into his shirt pocket, pricked at his heart.


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