She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

John stamped up the stairs and flung himself on the bed, burying his head in his pillow while sobs racked his body. As a comforting hand rubbed the small of his back, he blurted out, “Susie said she doesn’t love me anymore.”
Amidst the debris of a failed relationship, it needed to be cleared up, to understand what had gone wrong, to provide an anchor for hope in the future, “What brought that on?”
“At recess when kindergarten went out to play, Susie said that we were boyfriend and girlfriend because we both liked using the red pencil first when colouring in. But at lunch Susie asked me if I liked blue Smarties and when I said that I didn’t like blue Smarties she said that she couldn’t be friends with someone who didn’t like blue Smarties and then she said that she didn’t love me anymore and that we weren’t going to be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore.”
“I’m sure things with Susie will be back to normal tomorrow.”


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