Friday 5th March
“When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a monstrous vermin.” What has your character turned into?


Gregor sat on the park bench and watched the Saturday parade of pampered pets with their manservants or maidservants dutifully collecting their waste.

“Such an incongruity that the intelligent being should be forced to shovel shit,” said Gregor.

Drawing on a cigarette he almost choked when the poodle and its inferior looked almost exactly the same as each other.  The pretence of smoker’s cough hid his laughter.  Checking his watch he thought he might start his rounds early and try and call it an early night.  Starting on the upper side of town he trawled from bar to club, picking up small packages on consignment.  He couriered them to other faces that looked reptilian or rodent, the hired goons of the trade.

There was nothing out of the ordinary that night.  Packages were exchanged, nods and glances were the only linguistics needed and the occasional flash of a knife secured passage.  Gregor scurried from job to job, pausing only to have a final swig at his last port of call.

The remnants of a you-want-what-on-your pizza turned haphazardly in the microwave before Gregor turned in for the night.  He woke up the next morning having felt like he had run a marathon.  He couldn’t pin the images from his mind to make a story that made sense so he set out for breakfast, blaming the pizza.

He kept his head low and headed for the diner and settled into a booth.  Without looking up he ordered the big breakfast and set about arranging the cutlery.  Only then did he look up.  He squinted and tried to focus.  The human shapes morphed until they did a Dali-dance, stopping until they were half-human, half-animal.  He picked up the serviette container and stared at his reflection.  His unshaven face pushed whiskers, his nose wrinkled.

Across in the other booth, a bespectacled gentleman in a dark pin striped suit raised a book to read in between bites: Animal Farm.

“Well I’ll be buggered,” said Gregor.


6 responses to “Metamorphosis

  1. A last minute sketch for Fiction Friday. REALLY needs some thinking, but that’s not the point.
    Not one for swearing in a piece, or in life, but for the character it seemed appropriate and I liked the alliteration.
    Them’s the brakes.

  2. HA! I loved it. You had me at “manservants.” My biggest question is, was it some kind of evolution or was it something Gregor drank or ate?

    P.S. I haven’t read Animal Farm yet. It’s on my [neverending] reading list though.

  3. I loved the story but was curious about his nonchalant attitude about his transformation. I wanted to know more…I guess I will have to read “Animal Farm.”

  4. For the literati who have not read “Animal Farm,” the precis is as follows. It is a satirical comment on communism. The animals revolt against the farmer and take control of the farm. It begins with an equality amongst the animals, but soon the rules are modified. The novel culminates in the pigs’ transformation into humans.
    This piece was very much a spur of the moment thing. I did it after reading through people’s contributions to Fiction Friday and took an idea and let it run through the grass and have a good old time.

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