The Carpool Conspiracy

Andrew pulled the car into the kerb for Stuart who began to prattle, “Man, I had the fiercest chili con carne last night and you guys are going to suffer big time.”

“Let me introduce you to Ellen,” interrupted James, indicating the newest member of the carpool, “and you may want to keep that smell to yourself.”

Stuart settled into the back seat, but before too long, last night’s dinner punctuated the conversation, for which he apologised profusely. Ellen seemed unperturbed by the noise or the smell and somewhat amused at Stuart’s discomfort. But then a new smell struck with the silence of a ninja and the strength of an atomic bomb.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” quipped Ellen, “but you don’t grow up with three brothers and not learn to defend yourself.”


4 responses to “The Carpool Conspiracy

  1. oh dear… I have tears rolling down my face….I too grew up with disgusting brothers……

  2. Adam – I just wanted to say thank you so much – for your continued readership and comments on my stories. I have failed you especially in returning the honour of reading yours and commenting… my life is back to some sort of even kilter and I will endeavour – as a priority for you – to look at your entries.

    thank you again. your comments have meant alot to me..

    • I know how easily life can be out of balance and it means you have to readdress priorities. Prayers go out to you.

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