The Red Balloon #1 – Prayers

Jake scrummaged in his art and craft box for a marker.  Sitting against the bed he wedged the red helium balloon between his knees and began to write the prayer of a six year old.  Going into the backyard he released it, letting the ribbon unfurl through his fingers.  It rocketed upwards, its string a tail, a seed propelled by faith, with hope that it would conceive and bring forth life.  Jake shaded his eyes and watched it ascend towards heaven until he could see it no more.  He wondered if it had reached God or if maybe it had burst before God could read it.


4 responses to “The Red Balloon #1 – Prayers

  1. Beginning a brief series using the motif of a red balloon as the unifying feature for different purposes. This one is not about the vagaries of faith and doubt, but more about the doubt I have about myself. I don’t doubt in what I believe, but doubt in my faith to believe.

  2. We do this every year on our daughter’s birthday. Our kids write messages to her on helium balloons and we let then go so that she can read the messages and play with the balloons where she rests in the stars.

  3. Excellent post i am sure that i will come back here soon

  4. Love this idea, and the way you have worked the innocent perspective of the kid, with lovingly described imagery. 🙂

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