Afternoon Tea and Philosophy

Jack and Stewie sat on the back step of the porch with a bowl of grapes and crackers philosophising on the things that are important to a five year old such as the change of seasons.

“What makes all the leaves on the tree change colour?” asked Stewie.

“Mum says that in autumn the tree begins to shut down and keep its energy for spring, so the leaves die and that’s why the leaves change colour,” said Jack. “What do you think?”

“I reckon that a bunch of little painters go around every night and paint the leaves a different colour, but it takes a lot of painters and time so it’s kind of like how Santa Clause can get around all the world in one night.”

“Yeah, that’s what I reckon too,” said Jack as they fell back to munching on their afternoon tea.


2 responses to “Afternoon Tea and Philosophy

  1. It’s autumn here in Australia, so the colours of the liquid ambers and the Japanese maples are stunning in their diversity. I like the science of autumn, but I also like that children can have vivid imaginations and come up with all kinds of possibilities. Every kid needs a crayon, even when they’re 60.

  2. This is a fun little piece. Very easy to picture the scene in your mind.

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