The Red Balloon #4 – Hope

The red balloon bobbed above the heads of the comings and goings in the hospital corridor like a colourful speech bubble.  It bounced into the children’s ward where tubes were worn like necklaces and bandages were a new zombie craze.  Offsetting the bleep of machines and odour of sickness the red balloon added another splash of colour lighting up sallow faces.  With the help of a black texta, some purloined rubber gloves from the box on the wall and a little bit of creativity the red balloon became a dancing clown.  Laughter expelled fear to the dark corners of the room while hope settled in the creases of the rumpled blankets.  And for a brief moment even the adults were children again, joining in the mirth and imagination, remembering their own made up games.


4 responses to “The Red Balloon #4 – Hope

  1. Another in the Red Balloon series. There might be one more to go. I have wanted to use the balloon as a metaphor of hope in various settings and for different purposes. A brief sketch again of some ideas sitting in my head.

  2. Adam, that was beautiful. I was quite moved to read it and imagine the scene in my head. I loved it! You have amazing descriptive skills.

  3. Interesting piece! I found myself wondering if the fear was still lurking in the corners, just waiting to return when the hope faded… of course my mind has been bending toward the cynical lately. 🙂

    Came here from Walt’s blog… great stuff!

  4. This was nicely done. Well built up, the foreshadowing with the necklace, the details about her husband. For a moment I wondered whether Jason was killing all his patients, so I was pleasantly surprised to see he was a very kind Death. And one she wanted. Liked the Dr Who ref too, 4 knocks, nice.

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