The Armchair Philosophers

Samuel and Jeffrey took up their afternoon positions on the back deck, beverages in hand and a plate of snacks between them.

In the dimming afternoon sun they listened to the squeals of kids on backyard trampolines and the pings of bicycle bells and loose chains rattle down the side laneway.  The neighbourhood dogs joined in the conversation from time to time.

The pensive mood had taken over as they relaxed into the camaraderie.

“You know what, Sam,” said Jeff.


“What if the Tooth Fairy wasn’t real?”

Sam stopped midway reaching for a piece of rockmelon.  “That would be the biggest trick ever exposed.  What makes you say that?”

“Well, my older sister lost a tooth the other day.  She put it in a glass of water…”

“My older brother put his under his pillow,” interrupted Sam.

Jeff continued, “I don’t think it matters which one it is, but the ritual is the important part.  As I was saying; she put it in a glass of water and the next morning there were coins in the glass.  She said it was payment for the tooth.”

“Wow,” said Sam reaching for a cracker and a piece of cheese.  “I haven’t lost a tooth yet.  But I’ve got one that is beginning to get wiggly.”

Jeff took a sip of his apple juice from his Transformers cup.  “Same here.  But then, when we were at breakfast, she said to me that it wasn’t the Tooth Fairy, but that it was really Mum and Dad.”

“What did you say to that?”

“I said ‘liar liar pants on fire’ but she said ‘Nuh uh.  It is Mum and Dad.’ I said she was the worst big sister in the whole wide world for lying and I said that I hope a boy kisses her one day. And she likes it.”

Sam spluttered his apple juice through his nose.  “Oh, kissing.  That’s gross.  I hope the Tooth Fairy knows that we still believe in her.  I’m saving up for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure and I need the cash.”

Jeff nodded in affirmation of their shared belief.  They digested their food and shared faith in the currency exchange for lost teeth.

Sam broke the silence, “If the Tooth Fairy isn’t real the next thing you know they’ll be telling us that apple juice doesn’t taste as good when you turn ten.”


6 responses to “The Armchair Philosophers

  1. Something lighthearted and slightly silly. It stems from an earlier piece, “Why the Tooth Fairy Didn’t Pay Up Last Night” in honour of Annie (who forgot to pay up). I was feeling a little silly this afternoon and just had a bit of fun. There is another idea I have floating around, on a similar topic, but it’s a little darker. Might go and fish it out.
    Just love how kids see the beauty and simplicity in a whole range of things.

  2. This really was cute, and so not where I was expecting it to go.

    Your first/second paragraph description in every single story you write are amazing. Again, reading this I was totally there on the porch looking out. Brilliant!

  3. Aw I love this. I hope the Tooth Fairy rewards them for their continued faith! Really perfectly captures the mindset of young boys.

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