The Trampoline

The Trampoline

“Andrew, would you please jump on the trampoline with me?” asked Elise.

Looking up from his comic, Andrew saw his nine year old sister wearing a floral one piece swimsuit, a homemade tutu, a cat’s ears headband and swimming goggles. The fourteen year old rolled his eyes towards the ceiling.

“Please, Andrew. You can make me bounce really, really high so that I can almost touch the leaves on the tree. Please.” The tugging at his elbow persisted until he caved.

“OK. Just five minutes.”

“Yay!” said the aeroplaning Elise flying out the door.

Andrew shoved himself away from the pulling power of the couch and followed the contrails of taffeta. Elise skipped across the yard and scrambled up the plastic steps and onto the trampoline. Happy squeals proceeded each bounce and squeak of the springs.

Climbing onto the mat Andrew found a rhythm with Elise.

“Bounce me higher. Higher, Andrew.”

Timing his landing to effect the “double bounce,” Andrew launched Elise into the air. She flapped her arms, with a smile as wide as the ocean as taffeta and tulle mimicked her arms. Laughter sprang from her little lungs. Andrew was caught up in the moment, laughing with Elise as he tried to bounce her higher and higher.

On a downward trajectory, Andrew glanced over the fence into the neighbour’s yard. He caught the briefest glimpse of half naked flesh and swimsuit material. With each jump Andrew focused on the attraction on the other side of the fence.

Stretched out in the sun was Katie,the eighteen year old neighbour, laying on her stomach on a towel, her face turned away. Beside her was a book turned face down and headphones trailing from under the book to her ears.

Bounce. Andrew turned to the figure over the fence. Each jump was a snapshot filed away in his adolescent mind, filed under “Best Moments Ever” and “Facebook Status Updates.”

Bounce. The bow tying the bikini.

Bounce. The curvature of her buttocks.

Bounce. The dappled sunlight on her calves.

Bounce. Like a flick book cartoon Andrew watched her reach around and pull the string on her top. He tried to adjust the timing of his bounce, hoping to catch a glimpse of side boob. Testosterone hopes faded as she settled into her worship of the sun.

“What’cha looking at?” asked Elise, breaking Andrew’s mental youtube sensation.

“Nothing,” said Andrew, loosing momentum. “I’ve gotta go inside.”

“Were you looking at Katie?”


“Yes you were. I can see her over the fence. And she’s a bit nudie.”

Andrew’s legs collapsed under him, bringing him to a shuddering halt on the trampoline mat. And out of sight of Katie Next Door. With great haste he slunk away towards the house, fearing detection.

“Hi Katie. Andrew was just looking at you over the fence while he was jumping on the trampoline with me. I think he liked seeing you without many clothes on.”


17 responses to “The Trampoline

  1. Ideas strike randomly and without warning. This piece was the result of watching an ad. To be precise, a promotional ad for a television station. The idea was nothing spectacular, but it prompted a few lines of dialogue and a quick scribbling.

    Some ideas I have develop quickly into a piece of fiction. Others sit patiently waiting for an opportunity. This one is a small spark of an idea, hastily sketched. It is just a brief scene. Nothing more than light comedy.

  2. “Contrails of taffeta.” Love that phrase.

    And, of course, the little sister goes to tell-all while Andrew makes a dash for the bathroom. (Hey, I’d have looked too.)

  3. Being a little sister myself, I can fully attest that it is our sworn duty in life to embarrass our older brothers as much and as often as we can.

    I approve, sir!

  4. For a moment I thought Elise would get hurt. *shudders*

    Very nice slice of life. 🙂

  5. I enjoy thinking the mental imagery of what his face would have looked like from the other side of the fence.

  6. Mari, I’m still thinking Elise will get hurt. Has it coming now!

    • A little sister must be punished for that reckless act of endangerment. I’m thinking a doll-napping or mysterious disappearance of one’s favourite toy. Because we all know little sisters play dirty when backed into a corner.

      • Careful, boys. Women are dangerous when backed into such corner… 😛

        John, some little girls were as reckless as Elise and didn’t get hurt. (most of the time, but never seriously anyway) I hope she’s one of us… I mean, them!

  7. Endearing and sweet. Poor 14 yr old brother! Are sisters that wicked? I wouldn’t know, I’ve neve rhad a brother to pester.:P
    My firday flash is here-

  8. Ha! Good story! Leave it to little sisters to embarrass the heck out of their older brothers, especially when it comes to pretty girls.

  9. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this is when you’re at your best, but you have such a facility capturing that male adolescent mind. Another great story, spot on!

  10. Elise was a sight for sore eyes. Despite his voyeristic tendenceis, Andrew is a good big brother.

  11. Ahhhhh, don’t you just love with little kids innocently embarrass you? It’s so cute!

  12. This is brilliant, and so so funny. Children say exactly what they see, and you summed this up so perfectly.

  13. Anthony hodgson

    Very funny well done

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