Supermarket Romance Part 2

Chudleigh Angus Strikes Back

To catch the background of Chudleigh Angus, read Supermarket Romance.

Chudleigh Angus stuffed his hands into the pockets of his shorts and kicked at the loose grapes littering the floor of the fresh produce aisle at the supermarket.

“You could at least pick them up and put them into the bin,” his mother chided.

The last holiday break before final exams gave Chudleigh more time to study and his mother more time to find random tasks whenever she felt he was unfocused.

Chudleigh grunted, hoping to effect non-committal compliance. “Why do I have to come and help with the shopping?”

“Because it doesn’t hurt to help your mother once in a while. Can you please go and pick me up two rockmelons.”

Despite the inconvenience, Chudleigh hoped to see Andy again, talk to her, the Siren of the Supermarket, Chieftain of the Checkouts. He doubted she would be working much during the holidays prior to exams; still, he scanned the registers when they arrived and was disappointed she wasn’t there.

Hands still stuffed in his pockets, Chudleigh trudged through the aisles of fruit and vegetables searching for the elusive rockmelons. Finding his quarry he stood there eyeing them off, hazarding a guess as to which ones were ripe and which were not. Picking up one in each hand he raised them up and down as if he were a balance.

A voice struck clear and true to his left. “Hey Chudleigh, how you doing?”

Startled, he turned towards the voice but saw no one. Andy stood up from behind a trolley, a bunch of bananas in her hands.

“Andy, I didn’t see you there. How have you been?”

She continued unloading bananas onto the end of the aisle. “Good. Glamorous job this isn’t it? By the way, nice melons.”

Looking down, Chudleigh noticed he held the melons at chest height, a fruity Pamela Anderson. Flushed in the face he dropped his hands in front of his shorts.

“Would you like a banana to go with your melons?” Andy asked, waggling the banana suggestively, holding the fruit at waist height. Chudleigh’s face took on a crimson hue.

Chudleigh replaced his unfeasibly large testicles on the stand and tried to recover, turning to a safe topic. “Been studying for exams?”

Andy giggled and leant forward to stack more bananas on the stand. Chudleigh stared as her blouse gaped slightly, offering him a quick ogle of her cleavage and the tantalising flash of colour of her bra.

“Yeah, pretty much. Working here is a good brain break because it doesn’t involve the brain.”

“I’m stuck on Chem-misery. Just can’t get my head around carbon atoms and polymer links.”

“I can’t remember all the dates for Modern History. If I’m not careful I’ll write that the Germans invaded Michel’s Patisserie.”

The conversation felt easy and “normal,” allowing Chudleigh’s heart to bypass his brain via his groin. His heart tapped the frontal lobe with a suggestion. Here was motive and opportunity: he could suggest a study break and meet up.

“Hey Andy, I was just wondering…”

Over her shoulder Chudleigh saw his mother a few aisles over, approaching with the trolley; Darth Vader’s tie-fighter barrelling down the trench. He did not want his mother to interrupt.

Stay on target.

“…if you would like a study break sometime over the weekend…”

Where’s Han when you want him?

His mother approached, weaving through the traffic of other customers. She paused at the cheese section.

Stay on target.

“…maybe we could do something together?”

Photon torpedoes away.

Andy broke into a smile, looked down at her feet, twisting the ends of her hair. “Sure, that would be lovely.”

Bulls-eye on the womp rat!

His brain interrupted, tapping the frontal lobe and handing over a piece of paper. You haven’t thought too far ahead have you. What are you going to do? Where are you going to go?

It wasn’t a hit; it simply impacted on the surface. Suddenly Chudleigh was sphincter-releasing aware of the problem. Make that two problems: the arrival of his mother, who was on the move, and the need to think of a date location.

“Chudleigh?” asked Andy.


“I was saying I was going to the rock climbing gym on Sunday afternoon. Would you like to meet there?”

Problem solved. Hang on, thought Chudleigh. Rock climbing. Gym. This involved something physical. Chudleigh struggled to connect the dots and his mind simply shrugged.

“Sure. That would be awesome. Better get these to Mum before she comes looking for me.”

Grabbing two rockmelons Chudleigh turned to intercept his mother. Turning back for one last glimpse of Andy he caught her looking at him. He broke into a goofy grin, raised the rockmelons in farewell and was rewarded with a giggle from Andy.

“See you Sunday,” she called.

Stay Tuned…


16 responses to “Supermarket Romance Part 2

  1. Been a bit dry of writing time lately, so I snaffled minutes here and there to get back into the flow.
    I finally found a second part for Chudleigh, and there will be a third.
    This is what it is.

  2. Chudleigh Angus rocks ! Keep him going – he sounds so much like someone I know! He is destined for great things in life.

  3. Looks like Chudleigh is in for the ride of his life!

  4. I loved how you interspersed the approach of the mother with the Star Wars motif. I think Chudleigh comes across as very adorable.

  5. I love the nerd asking out the girl, showing confidence on the outside, but shaking with ‘sphincter-releasing’ terror!

    Well done!

  6. Sweet story and glad to see a guy like Chudleigh making headway with a girl :).

    Your dialogue was spot on. Felt so natural.

    “a fruity Pamela Anderson” made me laugh 🙂

  7. I thought Chudleigh was very sweet, I hope he likes the rock climbing gym. The dialogue was very believable and brought the characters to life.

  8. I loved this one even more than the first…phallic fruit, Pam Anderson, Star Wars…it can’t get better than that.

  9. I was so nervous for him. I hope the rock climbing thing works out for him.

  10. For the record: melon jokes appeal to me now just as much as they did back when I was a teenager. If not more. I agree with Icy, the use of mother and the Star Wars motif really added a kick by putting young master Chudleigh under pressure to up his game. And like Skywalker he came good at the end!

  11. Great work – cant wait for part 3. You have a great subtle humor throughout. I could see glimpses of my nephews future in some places and hes only 11 🙂 Nice piece!

  12. I think this little relationship might finally be going somewhere. Although I’m nervous for Chudleigh at the rock wall. Nice tale, Adam- funny and cute.

  13. It remains your best character name, and Mom remains someone to dodge. So you’re going to do more with this in the short term?

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