2012 – Planning for the End of the World

Should the end of the world not happen later this year (it didn’t happen twice last year, although I get the feeling the toilet paper is approaching the end of the roll), I’ve made a few plans.

I’ve never been one for plans, resolutions, agendas or sticking at one thing for long enough for it to become a habit. The intention was always there, but the execution was lacking.

Therefore I’ve put together a one page table of projects I intend to complete this year. Included in this ingenious piece of planning is predicted dates for completion of drafts, editing, beta reading and “final.”

On that list is 3 novels (two YA and one lit fic), a novella/multimedia project and a handful of short stories. It’ s ambitious; the main focus is on the novels and novella, but I want this to happen. It means cutting back in some writing I like to participate in, like #fridayflash, but in order to achieve my goals, I need to prioritise my writing.

By posting my intentions here, I am declaring publicly what I intend to do. You can prompt me from time to time to see how I am progressing. I’ll keep you updated from time to time.

Now to indulge in my inner Arnold J. Rimmer, crack out the highlighters, and colour-code my projects and timeline.


3 responses to “2012 – Planning for the End of the World

  1. It is ambitious but when you break it down to a small word count per day, or a bigger word count across Term II… it is totally doable.

    Plus you have your butt kicking, pom pom shaking contingent… and a writing partner who is just thrilled to bits to be writing with you this year.

    In the next literary pack I’ll send you some brane new highlighters and a pack of speech bubble post it notes!

    Yay for 2012. And yay for you…

  2. Wow. Reading your goals makes mine two goals of finishing and editing one novel and writing another seem so small. Good luck, I’ll be around to cheer you on 🙂

    • I am being over ambitious in my plans, however, I am taking leave for 3 months from April. This is when I intend to do most of the initial writing. The remainder of the year will be editing.

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