When There’s Nothing in the Pen


I am about to launch on a new adventure: write my first novel. In a little over 3 weeks, I get to take leave from my work and focus on writing a literary work.

There are two things I think of when it comes to the act of committing to write a novel.

The first comes from Seinfeld.

The other comes courtesy of Family Guy and the conflict between Brian and Stewie.

Each day when I sit down to write, these will be repeated as mantras. Please note the placement of my tongue is stuck firmly in my cheek.

I’ll let you know how it’s all going.



4 responses to “When There’s Nothing in the Pen

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing how its going.

    and i’ve always been a fan of Stewie’s view of novel writing

  2. Youtube seems to have disabled the first link. The second, though is one of the highlights of Family Guy. Even I like that bit.

    Good luck, Adam!

  3. I can crack the whip if need be!

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