Post Marked: Piper’s Reach


In December 1992 Ella-Louise Wilson boarded the Greyhound Coach for Sydney leaving behind the small coastal town of Piper’s Reach and her best friend and soulmate, Jude Smith. After twenty years of silence, a letter arrives at Piper’s Reach reopening wounds that never really healed. When the past reaches into the future, is it worth risking a second chance?

Yesterday marked the beginning of the unveiling of #thesecretproject between Jodi Cleghorn and myself.

Post Marked: Piper’s Reach will launch Tuesday 10th April and will roll out one letter a week. Each week one letter will be available on the website (sshhh… it’s still a secret) as a downloadable PDF handwritten letter. See if you can guess whose handwriting it is and who wrote which character.

But we need your help. We’re looking for some lovely friends to invite us over (between Monday 2nd – Monday 9th April) for a cuppa (we’ll bring the scones and jam and cream) and a chat about Post Marked: Piper’s Reach.

To help foster the conversation (because we’ve been keeping it a secret), we’ve assembled a few points of focus so we don’t have rely on religion, sex and politics as conversation starters. If we get really stuck, we can talk about the weather (Piper’s Reach is known for its epic storms and some really lovely scenery).

Break out the fine china (for Jodi) and the tin mug for me.

  • The original Concept/Pitch
  • Creating a location by text message
  • Organic writing process
  • Characters & authors’ emotional involvement in the writing
  • Back story
  • Instantaneous vs delayed gratification in the digital age
  • The music

If you are interested in having us over, please leave a comment. Our minions will talk to your minions and there will be plenty of cake to go around.


3 responses to “Post Marked: Piper’s Reach

  1. Great post today thanks. I really enjoyed it very much.

    Love writing? We would love for you to join us!

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  2. Feel free to pop over to the Blunt Pencil, if you have time.

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