Post Marked: Piper’s Reach Blog Tour – Victoria Boulton

As launch day rapidly approaches for Post Marked: Piper’s Reach, today on the blog tour, we drop in on the delightful Victoria Boulton (@Vicorva).

In this interview, Victoria asks us why we decided to write our story completely in letters. She also asks us about the origin of our characters, how they are informed by the process of letter writing and what we love about this project.

A letter is intimate and personal. It is a private, shared moment between two people – Adam

There is a sense of freedom and danger in pursuing a non-traditional form of story telling – Jodi

Ella-Louise is broken and burned out, living a sea change to try and reclaim her life. This is the most intimate connection I have ever had with a character. I’m drawn to the first person POV, but this is something altogether different – Jodi

Jude is the essential every man. But at the same time he’s vulnerable, he’s loyal and has a deep centred sense of place and purpose – Adam

To read the rest of the interview click here.


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