The Wrap – Piper’s Reach Blog Tour

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.” ~ Phyllis Theroux

Post Marked: Piper’s Reach is an ambitious organic narrative collaborative project between Jodi Cleghorn and Adam Byatt traversing an odd path between old and new forms of communication, differing modalities of storytelling and mixed media, all played out in real and suspended time.

In December 1992 Ella-Louise Wilson boarded the Greyhound Coach for Sydney leaving behind the small coastal town of Piper’s Reach and her best friend and soulmate, Jude Smith. After twenty years of silence, a letter arrives at Piper’s Reach reopening wounds that never really healed. When the past reaches into the future, is it worth risking a second chance?

The above is what we pitched to our prospective audience, in the hope someone would like to offer their blog to host an interview. It went beyond what we expected. Here are some numbers:

9 days, 9 interviews, 43 questions, more than 12,200 words written. I haven’t been able to get stats for each blog, but this is enough.

I never expected such a response. From an initial pitch, to a workable project (which is still going), to a blog tour and now a launch.

Today, the first letter is live. Ella-Louise reaches out to her best friend, Jude, after 20 years of silence. Each week, every Tuesday, another letter is posted. We have no end in sight for our characters, so we’ll see where this all ends up.

It has been such a rush creating and writing the character of Jude. Jumping back into the beginning of the process (we started writing in secret 3 months ago) helped me go back to see where Jude was at the beginning, compared to what he is in my head now (3 months and 6 letters written by Jude and 6 by Ella-Louise).

During last week, Jodi and I talked about the psychology of our characters (thus not contravening the ‘no spoilers’ policy) and revealed interesting truths about who our characters are, how they think, and how they respond.

Check out the interviews for an understanding of our project and what it means to us. Behind the Scenes – The Making of Piper’s Reach

I hope you, as reader, will enjoy the story as much as we have had in writing it.

One response to “The Wrap – Piper’s Reach Blog Tour

  1. wow – this sounds so exciting! congratulations to you – and to all involved in the project. I wish you guys the very best in success with this innovative and fresh take in writing.

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