Can I Beta Read That for You?


In a little over 2 years I have had my first 2 stories published (the Literary Mix Tapes anthologies, Nothing But Flowers and Eighty-Nine) and had 3 pieces of flash fiction picked up by Ether Books.

And recently I signed on as part of the team of Write Anything, submitting blog posts twice a month.

This is all really cool and a great way to expand and improve my writing skills, and as an emerging writer, I am becoming acutely aware of my strengths and weaknesses.

To help me in the early stages, I must acknowledge the help of a wonderful group of beta readers who helped shape stories, narratives and ideas: Jodi Cleghorn (@JodiCleghorn), IcySedgwick (@icypop), Jason Coggins (@JaseCee) and Laura Meyer (L_Meyer). I know I have forgotten others and I apologise for the omission.

I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been given through different avenues and now it is time to return the favour.

Do you need a beta reader?

I want to develop and depth my skills in beta reading. If you are an emerging writer and want to take your work to the next level, I am offering my services as a beta reader. As others have helped me, I want to extend help to others on the journey.

Am I the right reader for you?

I write contemporary fiction/suburban realism and YA with a literary bent. I read fantasy and sci-fi, genre. However I am not a horror or writer or reader, but that might help. If I’m scared, you’ve achieved your goal. The same applies to romance.

I have limited time and will take on what I can around my own projects. If I cannot fit you in, I will let you know. At this stage, the offer is for flash fiction or short stories, not novel manuscripts.

Send me a message if you’re interested.



7 responses to “Can I Beta Read That for You?

  1. Ooh my dear I have a wide selection for you! 😉 I hope I can finish them in time tho!

  2. To be honest, you can be just as valuable a beta reader even if a genre ISN’T your forte. After all, you’re offering feedback as a potential reader, so what did or didn’t grab your attention and what did or didn’t work for you is just as valid. I’ve beta read things that weren’t my genre before and I’ve just looked at them as “a story”. Sometimes your comments can almost be more useful because you’re not focusing on generic convention etc., but just the writing itself!

    And glad to have helped 🙂

    • Totally agree Icy and I’m so glad you said it too. I told Adam sometimes the best peope to beta for you are those who don’t write in the genre. My first editing gig was editing my partner’s 80,000 words masters thesis in Enviromental GeoChemistry (looking at rehabilitation of historic mine sites) – that’s about as far out of the genre as you can get. The feedback from Dave’s marker was it was the easiest to read thesis he had marked in over ten years!

      We’re told to read widely to be better writers, and I think that goes for beta reading too. The only caveat is to put in your beta comments that it’s a genre or a style you don’t usually read in.

  3. So glad to see you taking the next big step. Now I’ll have to make good on my promise to expediate the publishing of the series of beta reading articles I have planned.

    I’ll have plenty of stories to send your way… you can call it pay back! (if only comments had strike throughs!)

  4. I’m working on a contemporary YA short story that I would love to have you read when it’s ready. I’ll message you once I’m done.

  5. Hi Adam, I have recently joined Write Anything and was wondering if you caould beta read a short story of mine about two unemployed boys

  6. Hi Adam I have recently joined Write Anything and was wondering if you would be interested in beta reading a short story I have written about too unemployed teenagers.

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