Hand Writing

The calligrapher traced with his forefinger, following the loops and curves of her name scribed in black ink, barely touching the fading parchment. Returning to the start of her name he traced the handwriting again, imagining her face, conjuring her soul and knowing her identity. She was there, encapsulated in her handwriting. He closed his eyes and created a vision of her name in the darkness of his mind, following the form of letters she wrote on the parchment. Opening his eyes he selected a pen and wrote her name, breathing life into the ink as it flowed like blood.


12 responses to “Hand Writing

  1. Oh that was a nice short Adam, very visual that enabled the reader to feel his emotion – well done!

  2. I write about handwriting & calligraphy quite often. It does reveal so much about us and you nailed this absolutely.

  3. Beautiful and brief, and even a little unsettling.

  4. I love calligraphy, and I’ve had weird experiences with handwriting (and automatic writing) before. You really captured a sense of atmosphere here.

  5. What Jen said! I think the mention of blood does the creepiness – not so much romantic love as obsessed love!

  6. Intense and microscopic.. with a dark undercurrent.. My kind of story..!!

    • Funny, but I hadn’t thought of the dark undercurrent you saw, and Jen and Mazz’s perspective. I had written it as more of a ‘romantic’ concept, knowing someone intimately.
      Admittedly, it was a quick composition this morning, and a little tightening might make the intentions clearer.
      However, in this post-modern world, the reader makes the interpretation. Happy reading everyone! 🙂

  7. Like in my younger days when I would do the very same thing over her signature in my yearbook, imagining what my life would be like if I could only have her.

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  9. Much easier to read, and thanks for uploading the bigger image. Very wispy and neat microfiction, Adam.

  10. I keep thinking he’s resurrecting someone long dead… and what will become of that?

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