Postcard Prose

Today I subverted the literary establishment in an act of guerrilla warfare against the digitisation of literature and the commodification of words.

I gave away my words for free.

I give away my words for free here on my blog, but this is subterfuge of the highest order, infiltrating the reading minds of the public one by one.

Moving away from faux hyperbolic rhetoric, I started a new project today: Postcard Prose.

The idea is simple.

Write a story (about 100 words or less is the maximum space) on a 6″x4″ index card (for all intents and purposes, a postcard) and leave it in a public place for someone to find and read.

On the back of the postcard, the reader is invited to take the story home or leave it for someone else to read. It may be read by one person, five people, or no one at all. Also on the back is my web address, and a link to the Postcard Prose page.

It is an individual, handwritten story for the enjoyment of someone to read.

Today I wrote out my #fridayflash Hand Writing from yesterday and left it in the food court of Rouse Hill Town Centre.

You can read the story and see the pictures here –

I am always carrying a notebook and pen, ready for ideas. I am now carrying around a packet of index cards should the moment strike. Some will be planned drops, others will be spur of the moment compositions. Wherever I write a piece of Postcard Prose, I will take photos and post them to the Postcard Prose page.

I have plans for two other Postcard Prose projects which will see the light of day later this year.

Now it’s your turn to write someone a story.


4 responses to “Postcard Prose

  1. Any chance we can get this in a higher resolution? My eyes are having some trouble making out several words in the script at that size, even when I click for the full view… Seems like a neat project though, Adam.

  2. I’ve inserted a better image. You can also read the story on the Postcard Prose page or the #fridayflash from yesterday.

  3. This is cool. Our Friday Flash friend Estrella Azul is leaving love notes around her world this month too.

  4. What an awesome idea! I think I have to try this. I might even add to it, or alter it to be a continuing story, and invite the reader to visit my blog to read the work in progress. Thanks for sharing this!

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