Recreation – Becoming a Creative Person Again

Welcome to the third part of the “Reflection, Resurrection, Recreation” series.

In Part 1, Reflection, it was asked what kept you from being creative. Part 2, Resurrection, asked if you needed to shut down your creative life.

Part 3 brings both groups of people to a focal point: the need for re-creation. At the beginning of the new year it is good to have looked back at what was, evaluated the positive and the negative, in order to look forward.

Recreation of yourself and your creative life requires a new focus, a new perspective, a new challenge. It comes down to the core of who you are, your values, your purpose and the tools and skills you need.

At our core we are creative beings. If we have lost the creative core of who we are, we need to recreate ourselves like the phoenix is reborn from the ashes of itself.

The act of recreating yourself is a spiritual one.

The act of creating is a spiritual act, a divine unction to do something. It is time for recreation. Here’s how.

Know Who You Are

Knowing who you are requires a bold, declarative statement. It requires a fundamental belief in what it is you do.

Get a pen and a piece of paper. Write down the following:

“I am a creative person.”

Repeat it. Write it down again. Say it in your head. Say it aloud.

This is who you are. You are a creative person. How it is manifested in your life is based on your interests and skills.

There is a fundamental need to create inherent in each one of us.

Embracing the fact you are a creative person is the first step to recreation.

Creativity Gives You Purpose

“I am a creative person.”

You identify creativity as a purpose in your life. It gives meaning to your life because in the act of creating it helps you make sense of the world. Even if all you do is ask questions through your creative acts, you understand creativity gives you purpose.

Creativity is the means you explore ideas, confront fears, confront negativity, promote positivity, birth beauty, truth and wisdom into the world.

Creativity brings you child-like joy in the act of creating.

Creativity is who you are.

Update Your Tool Box

What tools do you need to be creative?

Pens and pencils? Notebooks? Canvas, paint and brushes? Scissors? A ream of Post-It Notes? A camera? A stick of glue and tube of glitter?

If you have abandoned your creative life or are resurrecting it, you will have the tools at your disposal.

Keep it simple. As a writer I only need a pen (preferably an Artline 0.4 black felt tip pen) and a notebook (any cheap thing will do). I don’t need fancy pens or paper; they will not make me write better. I don’t use writing applications on my computer.

Work out what you really need. Start simply.

Don’t go out splurging massive amounts of money.

As a drummer it is tempting to walk into a drum store or browse through catalogues and believe I need the latest and greatest or the most expensive. But each time it happens I stop myself. I have the tools I need and they are good tools. I must master the tools I currently own. I need to focus on developing my skills to improve my technique.

What skills do you need?

Being creative requires very little skill at all. Pick up a pen, a piece of paper and a pair of scissors and hours of fun await you.

Use what you do have to create.

But to take your skills further may require training, new information, a mentor, or professional classes to enable you to be excellent at what you do. Part of your recreation may involve enrolling in a community college or a university course.

Recapturing the Creativity

The beauty of creativity is in its simplicity. There is much joy and wonder to be gained by creating simple things.

Creativity is about play, being child-like in our enthusiasm. The child-like simplicity of play is something we forget as adults. We grow, mature, develop sophistication and somehow forget the need to play. I suggest reading Jodi Cleghorn’s recent post on rediscovering creativity through the eyes of a child.

When recreating yourself, coming back to the very essence of who you are, come back with a sense of playfulness and joy. In your recreation:

  • Be playful
  • Be adventurous
  • Be spontaneous
  • Be silent from time to time
  • Be aware of wondrous things: the remarkable and the everyday
  • Be observant
  • Be proactive
  • Be musical
  • Be kinaesthetic
  • Be you

This will feed your creative spirit and find expression in creative acts.

May your creativity be reborn from the ashes as you rediscover who you are, your purpose and your tools.

3 responses to “Recreation – Becoming a Creative Person Again

  1. This is my plan for the year…to find moments of silence to find my voice again and write anything every day. Even if it’s just one sentence. Anything to keep my mind open and my eyes fresh.

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