Post It Note Poetry February 2

February 2 – The Ritual of Tea

Post It Note Poetry Feb 2

Two cups,

Handles turned inward

Towards each other.

He pours a question

She lets it draw.

He pours the milk and stirs the words.

She adds sugar and a question.

Spoken in sips

Deeper thoughts as it tempered and cooled

Drained to the dregs

Remainders of words at the bottom


7 responses to “Post It Note Poetry February 2

  1. A slice of life in tea. 😀

  2. I really liked this piece, Adam. “He pours a question.” I love that.

  3. Can’t half tell you’re a bloody English teacher.

  4. This is my fave so far of yours. So much said (or hinted at) in so little.

  5. I love the images of conversation in tea, as Sean said there’s a lot implied but lots of room for the reader’s mind to wander and draw their own conclusions. Very nice.

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