Post It Note Poetry February 12

February 12 – Hide and Seek

Post It Note Poetry Feb 12

A children’s game

Complicated by adults

Counting to ten before choosing

To reveal or conceal

Secrets and lies

Hopes and dreams

Sometimes hiding from without

Sometimes seeking from within

An adult’s game

Simplified by children

Running “Home” to safety


3 responses to “Post It Note Poetry February 12

  1. Like this one mate. Am envious of your conceptual ability here

    • I am not surprised at all that Adam has hit the ground running with this poetry challenge, given the beautiful, profound writing and messages in his short fiction.

      “Sometimes hiding from without
      Sometimes seeking from within”

      Are my favourite lines… because I know this is often my experience of depression – of hiding from beyond and trying to make sense form within.

      Though as I said in the FB I can’t help put cast a Piper’s Reach filter over this… and I know I should not do that (because I’ve said before of my own stuff – that I am not writing through Ella-Louise’s eyes!) … though perhaps before this month is out I will write a dedicated Piper’s poem!

  2. Day after day you keep blowing me away with these- so impressed.

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