Footpaths – A Poem 21 March


The bicycle’s highway

With raggedy doll copilot

Running away from home

Once around the block

Before returning

For afternoon tea

Footpaths March 21

There’s something intrinsically humbling about temporary art. You put effort into a piece of art only to have it washed or worn away.

It reminds me of Arthur Stace (9 February 1884 – 30 July 1967), a resident of Sydney, Australia, who wrote the word “Eternity” in chalk in a magnificent script.

All art serves a purpose, even if it’s temporary.


One response to “Footpaths – A Poem 21 March

  1. Deanna Schrayer

    This is lovely Adam. I can easily see the “argument” before she set off, and the whole episode melting away over afternoon tea.
    I admire those who create the temporary art, I’d be bereft knowing something I created wouldn’t last long.

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