Expressing What’s Inside You Creatively

Some say there is a novel in every one of us, trying to get out, waiting to be written.

I say that’s wrong.

Not everyone is a writer, nor is everyone a musician, nor is everyone an artist.


I say there’s a story within every one of us.

That story can be expressed:

  • as a novel
  • in a poem
  • through photography
  • in film
  • in music
  • via singing
  • performing a dance
  • with paint and brushes on a canvas
  • by creating a sculpture
  • cooking new meals
  • by designing a garden
  • creating a website
  • giving someone a new look with a haircut
  • on a fashion catwalk
  • in politics
  • in philosophy
  • in a scientific environment
  • through the skills of oratory…

The possibilities are endless.

You need to know your story.

You need to know how to best express your story.

Tell your story…

…your way.



5 responses to “Expressing What’s Inside You Creatively

  1. That’s why I love Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences – everyone has a way that will best express their own story.

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