Birth and Death in Creativity

Creativity is a birthing act. Its genesis lies in the conception of an idea and by a word it is spoken into being. 

It begins as a formless void. It is given shape and form through contemplation and meditation.

Once it takes shape it is subjected to the process of revision and refinement. The form is given definition, perspective, depth and clarity.

Yet some ideas do not germinate; they die in the ground or spark brightly only to last a brief while. Others grow and develop but their death is unexpected, brutal, surprising, or nurtured and cared for until the last breath.

There is a period of mourning as the elements reclaim what was but is no now longer.

Even in the midst of a death or dying, life is extolled and remembered in and through death, sharing humanity.

In the act of creating we experience a little death.

And in the end we see that it is good.


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