Creativity Week Wrap Up

Each day this week I posted a new idea on aspects of creativity.

I have gathered all the links for you in one easy place for you to catch up. I would love to hear what you have to say on creativity.

Monday – Create Useless Beauty

“Create a piece of art because it has no other function than to beautify your presence, illuminate your thoughts, elevate your attitude, satisfy your creativity, to please only yourself.”

Tuesday – Creative Dichotomy

“Make art from the beautiful and the ugly;

From the joyful events of life and from the circumstances marked by sorrow.”

Wednesday – The Bridge Between Imagination and Reality

“Creativity is the bridge between imagination and reality. We live in a divided state of how we see the world as it is and the vision of how we see the world as we want it to be.”

Thursday – Birth and Death in Creativity

“Creativity is a birthing act. Its genesis lies in the conception of an idea and by a word it is spoken into being.

And in the end we see that it is good.”

Friday – Creativity is the Mother Tongue

“We speak our mother tongue verbally and artistically. For some, we need to find our voice again. For others, it is strengthening their voice. Creativity is our mother tongue. Let people hear your voice.”

Have  a creative weekend.


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