Winter’s Fallen Thoughts

Winter’s Fallen Thoughts


At first I do not notice

The slow approach of Winter;


The turning of the season

When the sunlight fails and fades


Thoughts turn in shades from green to

Red and orange and yellow.


One by one they tumble and

Turn, detached from the branches.


Memory’s memento mori 

A patchwork layered carpet


Sometimes I will pick one up

And study its symmetry


Secrete it away between 

The pages in a notebook


Until a seed falls and dies 

What hope for resurrection?


I am not afraid of the 

Naked limbs devoid of thoughts


For there will always be Spring


*no free steak knives or Wonder Bras. Sorry. Although I could do with some lift and support. I digress.

In the light of a recent post, Create Useless Beauty, I am hosting a giveaway (time to put into practice what I believe in) or I’ll end up having the dream where you’re giving a speech and realise you’re naked, except it will be for reals.


Leave a comment or “Like” the post and you’re in the draw.

On Friday 12th July, 2013 I will engage a random number generator (release the hamsters) to select a name from those who commented or liked the post and send the origami leaves AND a handwritten copy of the poem anywhere in the world.

I will also give away a handwritten copy and the accompanying origami creations of Folded Peace and Tempest’s Questions to TWO other people who like or comment on this post.

Winners’ names will be posted in the comments section on Friday 12th July and I will arrange delivery of your prize.


4 responses to “Winter’s Fallen Thoughts

  1. A genuine Adam Byatt original origami! I’m in with a chance?? Whoo hoo!

  2. What a creative mind you have!! Love the presentation (don’t mind the poem either!)

  3. seantheblogonaut

    Hands off Beavan, I’m winning it for sure 😀

  4. Sorry for the delay in announcing the winners, but here they are, taken from the Magical Hat of Random Selection (and yes it was randomly selected from pieces of paper from my hat):
    1st: Receives “Winter’s Fallen Thoughts,” a handwritten copy of the poem and a PDF of Post It Note Poetry – Janet Quilty
    2nd: Receives “Folded Peace,” a handwritten copy of the poem and a PDF of Post It Note Poetry – Paula Beavan
    3rd: Receives “Tempest’s Questions,” a handwritten copy of the poem and a PDF of Post It Note Poetry – Sean Wright
    4th: Receives a PDF of Post It Note Poetry (because I didn’t want someone to miss out): Paul Phillips
    I’ll be in touch via facebook.

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