Everything Is Interesting

Everything Is Interesting

For the creative person, everything is interesting.


Every thing.

Every natural wonder, every man-made phenomenon, every moment of human interaction no matter how small or insignificant or significant or world-changing or spontaneous or planned or tragic or brutal, every design or act of chaos is a fascinating study of “Why?”

Every thing is the spark for an opportunity to create.

Every surface is a medium for the intended message.

Every person is a character study for a writer: facial response to sucking a lemon; every mannerism, action, the way the old man eats cake with a knife and fork in a cafe; the way a girl rummages through her backpack; the way pigeons scatter when a child runs through them.

Every sound is a potential sample for a musician: the rattle of a stick down a fence; the clack of a typewriter hammer; the echo in a public toilet, the note of a truck’s horn in traffic; the tempo of the indicator light in the car.

Every colour and shade is an inspiration for a painter: the tomato sauce squeezed from a sachet; the blue of a new born’s eyes; the chocolate smeared face of a toddler; the crisp whiteness of a piece of paper; the triple stripe colour of toothpaste.

Every smell is an olfactory repository for the chef contemplating new flavour combinations: barbequed sausages and onions; the tang of salt on hot chips and the bizarre smell of the pitch-like viscosity of Vegemite.

Every touch is a tangible representation of sensory interaction: the cold metal of a handrail in winter; the stubbly roughness of a three-day growth; the warm sticky flakiness of a freshly cooked cinnamon doughnut.

The mundane is interesting because it allows time to reflect and rejuvenate.

The boring is interesting because it allows your mind and body to rest and let the subconscious sift through the noise of the day.

The spectacular is interesting because we get to see the ingenuity of humanity’s thinking and the testing of the limits of physical, mental and emotional endurance.

And it spurs us, pricks the sides of our intellect, pushes us to create, to stretch our boundaries and create.

For the creative person, every thing is interesting.


One response to “Everything Is Interesting

  1. Reblogged this on Plotting Bunnies and commented:
    A well-written, true (and very interesting) tribute to creative minds everywhere. Good stuff!

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