Car Park Symphony

Car Park Symphony

Friday Flash

Opus 39


He pulled into the car park as dusk gathered her skirts and rustled them like autumn leaves around the gutters and across the playground.

First Movement

With the keys removed from the ignition the radio ceased its duet with the engine. The keys jingled quietly until muted in his palm.

Second Movement

The staccato squeak of swings and the arpeggio laughter of two toddlers formed the opening prelude as he walked to the boot of the car.

Third Movement

In the open the boot he rigged a music stand, attached a light and pegged down the music before opening the case and taking out his violin.

Fourth Movement

Cradling the violin under his chin he plucked the strings to tune midst an abrasive chorus of screeching lorikeets roosting.

Fifth Movement

He rested the bow against the strings, pausing to listen to the sounds surrounding him. A smile formed on his lips as he added his own song.

Sixth Movement

His song finished as the orange and red blended into velvet blue. The lorikeets were silent and the swings had ceased their metronomic pulse.

Seventh Movement

The toddlers stood hand-in-hand, eyes focused on the violin. He bowed and they ran back to their mothers. The music echoed in their footsteps.


8 responses to “Car Park Symphony

  1. I like this, very poetic. 🙂

  2. The collection of sounds from along his journey was very amusing. Glad it didn’t turn into anything tragic!

  3. I like it! I like it! But if he’d been just a little braver, he’d have left the sheet music in the boot and just added to the ambient song. 😉

  4. This was stark yet fun. I agree with Larry about the sheet music.

  5. Very beautiful, Adam!

  6. Deanna Schrayer

    Vivid and magical imagery as always Adam – beautiful!
    I read it twice, the first time with the headers and the second without and it flowed much better without.

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