Creativity and Post It Note Philosophy

Today is the first of September. It is the first day of Spring in Australia and it is Father’s Day. Symbolically it is a time of new beginnings, of creation, of celebrating new life.

I firmly believe in the creative dynamic is a part of everyone’s life; it is not the sole domain of the writer, the artist or the musician, the film maker or dancer. Therefore for the month of September I will post a Post It Note with a statement about creativity. It will be an exploration of what I believe creativity is, and how it can be a dynamic part of everyone’s existence.

Please share and encourage people to find their creativity.

Here’s the first one.

PIN Philosophy 1

Creativity, the act of creation, is an intensely spiritual act. It is a calling forth from the imagination and speaking into reality your vision and purpose.

“In the beginning was the Word.”

Go, and speak.

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