Living Between the Known and the Unknown

Creativity is an attempt to strike out from what is known into what is unknown.

We all start from a place of the unknown, sparked by curiosity to find out what lurks in the corners, under the lounge cushion and why fresh, hot cinnamon doughnuts are not classified as a food group.

We begin to learn, to understand, to make connections between knowledge and its application; the beginning of wisdom.

We feel safe in what we know, beginning to explore within the boundaries of our knowledge. Outside the boundaries is the dark unknown.

Until we get to the point when the dark unknown entices with thoughts of new knowledge.

As a creative person, we balance what we know about our craft with what we don’t know about our craft. (For me as a writer, this is a continual learning curve.)

The unknown, therefore,  is not to be feared, but explored.

Curiosity regarding what is unknown about our craft leads to seeking out what is there and leads to new ideas, new connections, new forms, new media to express our creative vision.

Spending too long with what we know, and not expanding our creative boundaries leads to stagnation. Spending too much time researching what we do not know can lead to an aimless wandering without establishing our creative boundaries.

We need to live on the border of the known and the unknown; with the light of our campfire illuminating our work while we reside under the shadow of the mountains of the unknown.

Creativity is finding the balance between what is known and what is unknown.


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