The First Pitch

Yesterday my collaborative writing partner, Jodi, gave her first pitch for our novel, Post Marked: Piper’s Reach before the commissioning editor of a large publishing house.

I was not able to be there because the pitch was in Brisbane and I live in Sydney. I posted this comment on Facebook yesterday: 

In a little under an hour Jodi will have pitched our collaborative novel Post Marked: Piper’s Reach before a commissioning editor. Feeling nervous and anxious and excited for her. Wish I could have been there. Will see what happens.

Jodi responded:

Sitting in a character arc workshop feeling horribly nervous. Might vomit!!

But after it all went down Jodi’s reflected:

Update. I did not vomit on the commissioning editor from ******** (company name redacted). I was however terribly nervous. I wasn’t asked for the first 50 pages but ****** (name redacted) took down the website address to look at it further and my email address to contact me if he was interested. 

Regardless of the outcome I am glad for the experience and what it adds to what we need to do next. 

I don’t know how I would have performed if it was me having to pitch but I’m sure  the time will come.

While at the con, a reader of Piper’s Reach found Jodi, and expressed what a lot of readers have intimated when they get to the end of Ella-Louise’s and Jude’s letters:

I had a random reader moment where I got my first good natured: ‘I hate you! I can’t believe you did that!’

We’re going out for a beer later to talk about it. Very excited.

We are very close to finalising edits on Season 3 of Piper’s Reach and waiting on return edits from our editor on Season 2. 

From here it’s a case of developing our queries, synopsis information, character arcs and work out where we pitch next. It’s a very exciting time as we see the fruits of our writing building momentum.

What started out as a fun collaborative writing project has become the vehicle for pushing our writing forward, individually and collaboratively, and seeking publication for a story we have faith and belief in.


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