Have You Read A Very Short Story Today?

Today I had a little splurge on writing very short stories on twitter. I’ve compiled them here for your perusal, with a little refinement. (Must return to writing my novella.)


He held the dandelion in his pudgy hand.

“I am the destroyer of worlds,” he said, then blew.

A hundred worlds took flight in genesis.


She watched the rain speak in the puddles; the geometric voice of Gallifrey she saw on tv, retreated into her mind to explore time & space.


The inhabitants of Kelvinator measured their daily cycle by the light’s sporadic flashes. They cursed their gods when the light failed.


The telephone wires paralleled his pace with the road; watching the cables looping from post to post, connecting the lover and the loved as a physical symbol.

Which is your favourite? Write one of your own in the comments.


7 responses to “Have You Read A Very Short Story Today?

  1. They’re all good Adam. I. love I and III., but if I had to choose I think I. is my favourite.

  2. I like the first one best too. I just posted this one:

    The magician killed his assistant saying, “If I can’t halve you, no one else can either.”

  3. Seeking distraction, she clicked on the post and found fascination in brevity. 🙂

  4. Number IV. Admiration for your little stories 🙂

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