Have You Read A Very Short Story Today? Part 3

Why write twitfic? I like the immediacy of the form.

Even though it lacks the depth of a short story and the carefully structured nuances of a novel, twitfic captures the essence of forward momentum in a given scene.

My preferred genre to write in is suburban realism, a term coined for me by a friend. I don’t write spec fic, sci fi, fantasy, horror, romance, historical or *insert genre here* (although I do like reading some of them).

I write about people in the current moments of their life. This for me, is the charm of story. Little moments of every day, when seen as a whole, is like a daisy chain of memory or a rosary to be recited.

These moments can be whimsical, humourous, reflective, serious, ones of regret, loss, pain, sorrow or love.

These moments are what I attempt to capture in writing twitfic.

Today’s Offerings:


Every day of his 20s he wrote himself a note, sealed it and waited sixty years. Every day of his 80s a new revelation awaited.


Others sat absorbed in books or papers; he with the view outside the train window. “It’s never the same story,” he once answered.


Standing midst the blackened skeletons of once proud trees the ash turned her sandalled feet grey. She spotted the first green spark.


He took the new pair of underpants from the packet and put them on. In the mirror he twisted and squatted. “Ladies undies do fit nicely.”


The gaping maw of the steam engine’s furnace harnessed the fury.
“Oi, son, where the hell you been?” roared his father.
He recoiled.


8 responses to “Have You Read A Very Short Story Today? Part 3

  1. Adam, I personally liked the second one – I am a bit of a “watcher” so I understand completely.

    Do you find that a “twitfic” can turn into a longer story? Or have you ever sat down with a massive idea in your head only to find, when you started writing, it came out in 140 characters?

    • I consciously focus on the moment I am encapsulating, not thinking of whether it will extend into a longer piece like flash fiction or a short story. There is not enough in twitfic to extrapolate a novel as the pieces are almost snippets.
      The piece about the steam engine is a condensed idea from a vignette I am writing. There is the potential to extend the moment into a longer piece, however, I am using twitfic as a distraction while I am unable to get to my novella. They are small pieces of writing to keep the creative wheels oiled until I can get more substantial segments of time to write my novella.
      Perhaps I should be adding one or two sentences each day to the novella instead of writing twitfic?

      • I just wondered if “the moment” ever became just a jumping off point for something more. I don’t necessarily mean words on a page, but in your head…

        Seems to be something worth trying, I think!

      • There is always the potential for it to be a jumping off point in my head; sometimes I imagine the scenario playing out further, giving more depth to the scene and the character(s). I will have to explore this. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I really love the third one. It has such wonderful imagery 🙂 As you know, I’m not good at short stories, so the idea of twitfic is incomprehensible to me. But you are a master 🙂

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