Very Short Story – Hot Chips as a Sustained Metaphor

For the full title: The Use of a Common Takeaway Comestible, Hot Chips, as a Sustained Metaphor for the Defining Characteristic of a Relationship


They pooled their meagre resources, enough to buy hot chips; an impromptu first date. Their fingers touched reaching for the last chip.


What do have last period?

Maths. You?

Study. Let’s skip it.

And do what?

Get some hot chips.

She hesitated.

Come on.

Yeah, ok.


He watched her fresh from the surf, scoffing hot chips. The salt from the sea & chips crusted on his lips. Did her lips taste the same?


The 3am kebab gurgled ominously in his stomach. He reached for the communal hot chips.

“Bad idea.”

“Nah, I’m right.”

An eruption ensued.


Wedding dress and suit hung over the backs of chairs. Seated in underwear they quietly ate from a bowl of hot chips.
“To Mr and Mrs.”


A Saturday night family ritual: paper for crockery and fingers for cutlery, eating fish’n’chips from the centre of the table, licking salty fingers.


Wearing Sunday best, seated in the corner of the takeaway, they shared a meal of fish’n’chips with plastic cutlery.

Old times, he said.


6 responses to “Very Short Story – Hot Chips as a Sustained Metaphor

  1. Amazing how much you can do with so few words! Each of them capture a feeling. I love 1 and 3!

  2. I smiled for the “get hot chips” line. That was so cute, Adam!

  3. So sweet, Adam, and I could taste the salt. Well done.

  4. Sweet story! So sweet!

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