Jessica’s Dictionary

Opportunities for creativity come in many disguises.

A little while ago, a writing friend, Jessica Bell, began posting these quirky, idiosyncratic new definitions of familiar words on twitter and Facebook.

For example,

Politics: An involuntary twitch of the top lip only seen on corrupt members of government.

I chimed in with some of my own:

Pantomime – the dance performed when putting on underwear in a public change room.

The exchange went back and forth over a few days until a surprise message arrived in my Inbox.

The gist of it was this: Would you like to write a dictionary with me?

Me: *brief pause* Oh yeah!

And so, Jessica’s Dictionary was conceived. It appeals to our warped sense of humour and our love of playing with words and meaning.

Each day or so we post a new word to twitter with the hash tag #Jessicasdictionary.

One night we had an hysterical conversation making up new definitions with a Greek flavour (Jessica is an Australian living in Greece) with words beginning with “Con-”

Conduct – a Greek who avoided hitting his head.

Conclude – the Greek who finishes first in an exam.

It will be a little while before we have enough words for our dictionary, but you can follow the hashtag on twitter #Jessicasdictionary (via @revhappiness or @MsBessieBell) for the shenanigans.

And I heartily recommend following @MsBessieBell and checking out her awesome blog and brilliant books.

Stay tuned in the near future for the release of Jessica’s Dictionary.


8 responses to “Jessica’s Dictionary

  1. You. Are. Awesome.
    Awesome: Made of rock. Like us. This one specifically:

  2. I’ve been following the definitions on FB and cracking up with each new entry. Of course, it helps to have a warped sense of humor. A very warped sense. Keep ’em coming!

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