Post It Note Poetry #1

Thus, on February 1, Post It Note Poetry commences.

The premise is simple: for the 28 days of February, write a poem on a post it note, take a photo of it and post it on twitter with the hash tag #postitnotepoetry. If you want, post it to your blog, too.

This year I am combining Post It Note Poetry with micropoetry (a maximum of 128 characters, excluding the hash tag). You can see my recent micropoetry posts here on the blog under the Ars Poetica category.

I will post here and update the Post It Note Poetry 2014 page daily. You can see last year’s Post It Note Poetry here.

In Roiling Waves


In the shallows
my roiling feet
send sediment clouds
of volcanic eruptions.
Are my feet of clay

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