Post It Note Poetry #8 – Modern Art of Convenience


Modern Art of Convenience

The gallery’s lights

focus his attention;

precise, sharp, clear.

He glances left and right at

the great expanse of art

and views with a critical eye,

studied poise and the artist’s frames.

A tinny voice grates through

the loudspeaker,

“Can I have a price check

from fruit and veg

to register four?”


2 responses to “Post It Note Poetry #8 – Modern Art of Convenience

  1. I am a big fan of the precise, sharp and clear. I love that you do the post it notes.

    • It’s an interesting activity, and it keeps you thinking about line length, word choice, and word order, all the while aiming for precision.
      I aim for similar in my longer works, infusing the poetic within my prose. My first novel has elements of it; not poetry, but the imagery and focus of poetry. Jodi, my collaborative writing partner for the novel, had a different style and we have infused each other’s later works. I have taken on some dialogue and action tricks while she has taken on some of my poetic devices.

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