Disposable Creativity

Disposable Creativity

I have two daughters, aged 8 and 6.  The 8 year old likes little creative projects. At her primary school the current trend is Loom Bands. They are simply small looped elastic bands and take about 10-15 minutes to make. I love the simplicity of it (and it’s not expensive).

She made one for me and I have worn it to work (I teach high school English). When my younger students ask me who made it I take pride in I saying it was my daughter.

The Loom Band my daughter made for me.

The Loom Band my daughter made for me.

When I posted this picture on my social media feeds, a friend commented her daughter had made bands for her whole class for Valentine’s Day, her teacher and Principal. All of them wore them proudly during the week.

The other creative project she has been doing of late she learned at school from her teacher. Take a tissue, fold it into four squares then colour a pattern onto the tissue with Textas. The colours bleed through each other and when you open it up, it’s like you’ve cut a snowflake.

And it looks fantastic.

We took some photos of her artwork today.

CR Tissue Art B

CR Tissue Art C

CR Tissue Art A

CR Tissue Art F

CR Tissue Art D

CR Tissue Art E

Primary school teachers are fonts of many creative projects. See what your kids or nieces and nephews are coming home with.

Don’t think it’s a children’s activity; be creative and have a go.

For a writer like myself, they are cool pockets of inspiration and may find themselves into a story somewhere or are a short, brief activity to do while I let my mind wander and add compost to a story idea.

A tissue is a disposable item, repurposed into a creative work.

Any other cool creative projects?


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