Loose Scraps of Paper – Gathered Micropoetry

Another collated exhibition of #micropoetry I have posted to twitter and also posted here.

Plans are afoot for later in the year to publish a book of micropoetry. Anyone interested?

Footfalls and Shadows

My shadow hides
The path’s pitfalls
Hollows and
Stones to trip
Because I walk
Not into the sun
But away from it

Light A Match

our words fell
like leaves in autumn
and drifted into piles
the colour faded
the moisture evaporated
waiting for conflagration

Animal Playground

Some pigeons peck
At scraps in the playground
While others engage
In elaborate courtship rituals
Just like students 

Television Conversations
The television speaks

As a third participant talking
Over, under, through.
An unsolvable knot
Of miscommunication
Until the remote is found

Checkout Manga

In between customers
She draws manga
On the back of receipts
Slips them into groceries
And wonders if Godzilla
Eats breakfast cereal

A Windowed Existence

the existence of life
prelude to dying
narrows its vision
as death draws
the curtains
against the limited view
remaining through
the window

The Truest Hero

The truest hero
is seldom seen
in cape nor undies
on the outside
But in those
whose daily
actions make
the stranger
a welcome guest


Any particular poem take your fancy?


3 responses to “Loose Scraps of Paper – Gathered Micropoetry

  1. The Truest Hero!

  2. I enjoyed reading all of them, but Light A Match is the one that left something behind… Perhaps because of the strong imagery(?)
    Nice post.

  3. Animal Playground 😀

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