More Loose Scraps of Paper – Further Collected Micropoetry

Looking back through my posts I have collated more of the #micropoetry posted on twitter and posted here.

Stay tuned in the future for a book of micropoetry.


when did Outside
become an
undiscovered country?
whose unfenced boundaries
spark greater imagination
than the couch’s confines


She draws on the concrete
a chalk mandala
of wonky butterflies,
stick-figure people.
Tomorrow she will
draw another

Training Wheels

 I’m too old for these
she said
pointing to
the training wheels
He prays she will
never be too old
to trust
and hold
his hand


The gaining of knowledge
deteriorates with age
because we know
everything at 18
and realise
we know nothing
the older
we become

Toilet Seat

I deliberately
Use the bathroom
After you
And absorb the warmth
Of the toilet seat
To believe you
Still care

It Is Written

It is said,
“It is written”
The oral tradition
Of received wisdom
In a fortune cookie
Platitude while we
Forget to read
The written truth

Any favourites?


4 responses to “More Loose Scraps of Paper – Further Collected Micropoetry

  1. Very modern Japanese tanka, most of these seem to have. The Toilet Seat one is startling and rather lovely, but I also really like Training Wheels and Outside.

    • For me it’s an experimentation in capturing a moment, or an image, finding something spectacular or extraordinary in the everyday or the obvious.

  2. ‘Outside’ ‘Knowledge’ ‘It is written’
    Thank you.
    Look forward to exploring more.

  3. Cool.

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