Please, Make Yourself At Home

Throw Out Thursday – The Breaking News

Over the next few weeks my work life is going to dominate all my spare time. One of the vagaries of being a teacher is knowing there are intense times in the course of a term when there is a lot to do be done to the exclusion of pretty much everything else.

This means I won’t be around here so much posting; I’ll still be thinking , making notes and taking down ideas, but probably no full posts for a little while. I have scheduled a couple of posts that I had ready so you won’t be too short on reading material when you have to visit the bathroom.

While I am gone, I’ve stocked the fridge, made sure the cupboards are not Mother Hubbard and there is enough rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom.

Make yourself at home here, take time to browse through the library of posts, leave a comment, spread the good word, even find some of my early fiction writing from when I first started out back in 2009/2010.

Please don’t short-sheet my bed while I’m gone. Bin night is Thursday night and when replacing the toilet paper, it hangs over, not under.

In the immortal words of the wise body-building philosopher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back.”

2 responses to “Please, Make Yourself At Home

  1. I understand. I’m picking up another student publication, getting a journalism credential and finishing up my masters. I don’t work in the summer but still have tons of homework/prep work. Teaching is awesome but kills any extra time you have. It’s worth it but is a busy, busy lifestyle.

    • I have managed to schedule a couple of posts for next week while I’m mired in the swamp of assessments and exam marking.

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