Answering a Six Year Old’s Question

Yesterday my second daughter (aged 6) was playing with my Lego Star Wars Micro Fighters. She has played with them more often than I have because of current work commitments.

My daughters often see me at the computer where I am either working (prepping lessons for school), goofing off on social media, or working on a story. And more often it’s the six year old who asks, “Why do you write stories?” 

And I am completely flummoxed for an answer. At least one she’ll understand.

I have an intellectual answer for her; a rational explanation of my thinking behind creativity as to why I write stories. And for all the intellectual rigour, philosophical posturing and rationale, the best answer is, 

“Because it’s fun.”


One response to “Answering a Six Year Old’s Question

  1. Lol. 🙂

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