Throw Out Thursday – 99 Word Stories

Recently I came across a site running a monthly competition for stories no longer than 99 words.

I started to write a couple of pieces but ended up abandoning them. It was a good experiment and writing exercise but they were taking away time from other projects that needed priority.

I will share them below as I intend to adapt them into poems in the future.

He pulled up on the footpath, bringing the scooter to a halt before the STOP sign in literal, simple obedience. A first trip around the block without Mum or Dad. He waited with an understanding that permission needed to be granted before he could GO.

He waited, hands hung loosely over the handle bar, one foot on the deck while the other poised to push off the concrete footpath, shifting feet when one became tired of bearing weight.

Cars pulled up to the intersection, stopped, proceeded and he wondered who gave them permission. Looking around, he rebelled.

I wait for the days when the four lanes of road outside my house are silent. When I can stand in the middle of the road, one foot on each of the parallel white lines, and watch the road bend and dip to the right when facing south. Or turn north, feet still planted on the parallel lines and see the road rise towards the crest and veer slightly to the right again. It is when I imagine I am the only person. Today I intend to stop traffic.

You may want to have a crack at writing your own very short stories or using one of these as the prompt for your own piece of writing.


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