New Poem Published in Tincture Journal

I have the pleasure of announcing a new poem, Folded Peace, will appear in Issue 8 of Tincture Journal (out today), an Australian based literary magazine edited by Daniel Young and Stuart Barnes.

Tincture Journal Issue 8

Table of Contents

  • Editorial, by Daniel Young
  • Inferior Bedrooms, by Meg Henry
  • Crazy Town is a Happy Place, by Deborah Sheldon
  • Post-mortem, by Elizabeth Allen
  • Delicious, by Elizabeth Allen
  • Looking for Links, or: On Imagining What I Would Talk About If I Met Stuart Barnes (Elizabeth Allen, interviewed by Stuart Barnes)
  • Red Flowers of the Exodus, by Amy Ward-Smith
  • Folded Peace, by Adam Byatt
  • One Small Step, by Matt Smith
  • What I Write About When I Write About Dance, by Sophie Pusz
  • Teddy Bears’ Picnic, by Emily Craven
  • Ms Robyne Young requests the pleasure of the company of Ms Janis Ian to dine, by Robyne Young
  • Shepherd Mourning, by SB Wright
  • First to a Hundred, by Jodi Cleghorn
  • Barn Burners, Fire Vans, by Stephen Koster
  • inevitability, by Ashley Capes
  • Simmering, by Katelin Farnsworth
  • On the skin, by Rebecca Howden
  • Bringing Experimental Text to the Mainstream: Kirsten Krauth’s just_a_girl, by Julie Proudfoot
  • The Monologue, by Nicholas Lawrence
  • Live Cam, 42nd Street, Times Square, by Francine Ruben
  • One Bronx Morning, by Patrick Fogarty
  • Hunting With Masai, by Charles Bane, Jr.
  • Knock Knock, by Edoardo Albert
  • A Night Inside, by Kathryn Hummel
  • The House of Little Things, by Grant Tarbard
  • 11 Months in London, by Tony Walton
  • Oh, La, La! by Barbara Donnelly Lane
  • Reply Hazy, Try Again, by Kevin Brown
  • The Moth, by Abhishaike Mahajan

This will be my second appearance in Tincture, following on from my short story, The Cicada Clock, published in Issue 6.

I also have the pleasure of sitting alongside compadres Sean Wright (@SeandBlogonaut), Jodi Cleghorn (@JodiCleghorn) and Emily Craven (@TheMadelineCain).

I am looking forward to reading Emily’s new work, one I have not read before. I am in awe of Sean’s poetry as it embodies the rural aspect of Australian life with a very deft touch of a modern perspective. Jodi’s story, First to a Hundred, made me cry when I read early drafts of it. It is poignant, beautiful and uplifting, especially in the light of the loss of Australian cricketer, Phillip Hughes.

There is lots more to read. Click the links below.

Tincture Journal website | Facebook | Twitter

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Stuart Barnes (poetry editor)

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2 responses to “New Poem Published in Tincture Journal

  1. Reblogged this on Passages Of Writing and commented:
    I’m appearing in this, edition 8 of Tincture Journal, along with many talented writers. Adam Byatt has written an excellent post here so I’ll let him do the talking.

  2. Sticking this on my wall Adam ” I am in awe of Sean’s poetry as it embodies the rural aspect of Australian life with a very deft touch of a modern perspective” Cheers Mate.

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