Blackout Poetry – Another Questionable Attempt



Between us
the bond of
periods of separation
a box of dominoes
the anchor
we did not begin that game of
placid staring
The day 
was a benign unstained
Only the 
somber minute
angered by the
curved and imperceptible
a change
more profound
unruffled dignity
that comes and departs in the
abiding memories. Indeed nothing’s
than to evoke
its unceasing

After yesterday’s modicum of success with blackout poetry, I tried my hand at another (need to do something creative at the moment while I get my head back into shape to tackle some significant writing projects in January).

This page comes from Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness.” I studied this text in high school last century and thoroughly enjoyed it. Admitting at the time I didn’t quite understand the colonialism and inherent racism, it still holds as a powerful metaphor. Tie it with Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” and you have a teenager’s existential orgasm. 

So, with that in mind, I wanted explored the idea of relationships through the text.

It’s a diversion from writing Post It Note Poetry (and a couple of other major works in progress) but I posit that flogging someone else’s idea to pursue something creative is better than nothing. Blackout, or erasure, poetry makes you look at words, their order and the meaning created. It opens your mind to see other possibilities, limited as it is by the choice of text, to create something new.

I encourage you to try it yourself. Or buy a colouring book and pencils. Do something to stimulate your brain. 

3 responses to “Blackout Poetry – Another Questionable Attempt

  1. This presents somewhat of a challenge 🙂

  2. It feels like my brain is doing bicep curls.

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