1 Step To Kick Start Your Creativity

Ever wondered how to kick start your creativity?

Besides a swift kick up the bum (which is easy to do by the way. Tie a piece of rope around your right ankle. Bring the rope up and over your shoulder from behind. Pull the rope swiftly and kick yourself in the bum).

There is an easy way to kick start your creativity. 

You start by DOING.

No thinking. No procrastinating. No making a cup of tea first. No checking twitter or Facebook. No worrying. No hesitation. No. No. And no.

To get you started in the DOING phase of kick starting your creativity, there are a list of suggestions. Pick the appropriate category and off you go and DO IT.

For Aspiring Writers

* write 5 very short stories or pieces of description. Each story must be 6 sentences in length and include one sentence of dialogue.

For Curious Poets

* write 5 poems. It doesn’t matter about how bad you think they are, write them. Give yourself 5 minutes to write each poem. Do them all at once or one at time.

For Ingenious Artists

* draw 5 pictures. Draw each picture on a Post It Note.

For Ambitious Photographers

* select one random object from around the house or office and take 5 photographs in different locations.

Which one are you doing? 

If you’ve given it a go why not show the world what you’ve done and link it back here?

3 responses to “1 Step To Kick Start Your Creativity

  1. This could be the year of the tiny quilt…

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