Post It Note Poetry 2015 Recap Week 1

It is the end of the first week of #postitnotepoetry.

I have collated here the first seven poems. This series of poems began after I heard a song titled, “Things To Do In Winter” and it inspired the idea of a loosely linked thematic suite.

Instead of seasons, I chose days of the week. Each day of the week was prefaced with an idea. In my notebook I hastily scribbled down a list of potential ideas and throughout the course of the week amended, deleted or built upon the idea for the day. 

Some poems were easier to write, others took longer to compost and come to fruition. I was surprised at the thematic darkness of some of the poems as it was not the initial intention; only in the repeated readings did the layers of darker interpretation emerge.

It made me wonder whether I was subconsciously channeling a darker theme, or purging the darkness within. I think that’s another blog post/poem in itself.






If you want to join in the fun of #postitnotepoetry, grab a pen, a wad of Post It Notes and write. Take a photo it and upload it to twitter with the hashtag #postitnotepoetry

8 responses to “Post It Note Poetry 2015 Recap Week 1

  1. You are far more organised than me Adam 🙂

  2. These are wonderful. I love that image in the first one of accomplishment of tying your own shoelaces for the first time. Keep up the good…fun! And thanks for sharing it 🙂 H x

    • Thank you. Been an interesting week of poetry. As I said, some of these were darker than I intended when I sat down to write them. Wonder where my mind will wander this week.

  3. Reblogged this on mnayahbm and commented:
    nice one

  4. This is absolutely wonderful, from the concept to the execution. Thank you for sharing.

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